About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Michele Perry and I am a huge booklover! I have worked in the bookselling industry for 10 years and now I work in publishing as a book editor. When I am not working, I am usually found curled up somewhere with my head in a book or working on my own novel OR writing book reviews for this blog and a variety of magazines (Good Reading Magazine, Australian Bookseller and Publisher Magazine) and internet sites (The Blurb, Allen and Unwin). 

But I also love spending my spare time helping budding authors! I am always happy to assess and edit manuscripts and do all I can to help your creation be all it can be and more. 
Have a look at my website at: www.wordplayeditingservices.com  
I have years of editorial experience and am always eager to help authors of a range of genres: literature, chick lit, young adult, children, crime, thriller, fantasy, non fiction...to name a few :)

In a nutshell... I love anything to do with books, editing and publishing.

So happy reading fellow booklovers - I hope you find my reviews helpful and please share your own comments or reviews!