Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Woman He Loved Before

The Woman He Loved Before
By Dorothy Koomson
Release = April 2011
ISBN 9780751543506

Be warned, the prologue will grab your attention and hold on tight – you will want to read on…and on…and on…

Libby is a woman who seems to have it all – a loving husband, Jack, a beautiful home, and a job she genuinely enjoys. However, this seemingly perfect world is made a little difficult by the fact that Jack’s first wife was killed in an ‘accident’ that has lingering ‘how did it happen’ questions - particularly being asked by the police. And when another ‘accident’ occurs, the reader is left wondering…what did happen just after it and why is Jack feeling so guilty?

Each chapter is told from the perspective of either Libby or Jack, which works extremely well because you become drawn into both of their stories and the conflict they have with their retrospective thoughts and with each other. When finally revealed, the story of Jack’s ex wife is equally as enthralling and the twist at the end will blow you away!

The Women He Loved Before gifts the reader with life-like characters and heart-wrenching plights and relationship quandaries. Koomson has written a tale that will have you guessing and wondering as to the ‘mystery’ right until the end.

This tale is emotive, engaging, thrilling, and enigmatic, guaranteed to keep you reading desperately from page to page.

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